Feeling like a woman……..

It’s in the reach of my armsThe span of my hips,The stride of my step,The curl of my lips.I’m a womanPhenomenally.Phenomenal woman,That’s me.

MAYA ANGELOU, Phenomenal Woman

The wedding is the event, the marriage is the journey……

Weddings are enchanting
But with all you’ve got to do
This gift will make it easy
To keep a record true.

Choose your favorite photos
Then remove the plastic sheet,
Peel up the blue tabs then
Place your picture, neat!

Add some special stories,
Of moments precious to you,
Slide on the plastic once again,
That’s all you need to do!

This album you will treasure,
As you collect with care
These memories sweet and special,
of a day beyond compare.

Meeting two famous screen stars – a comic in pictures….

It’s been a nice and sunny day here at Double “M” Ranch in Manitoba .

Suddenly I heard a sharp squeaking sound in the bird feeder. What a surprise when I saw my squirrel facing the two most famous characters of so many Disney comics, Chip’n Dale.

Of course they knew how to intimidate my poor little squirrel with their snobbish and a little bit arrogant way of acting. But after a while they became very good friends and I could hear their laughter all day long.

“On our holiday retreats we don’t allow pictures to be taken” Chip announced the first day, but after serving some good nuts, he and Dale agreed that it would be nice to have some memorable moments on canvas.

Et voilà! Enjoy!

Let your dreams come true with Green Screen Photography….

Do you know any woman who wouldn’t have dreamt to be one of the beautiful “Bond Girls” and pose with Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan ……???? When I met with a friend we’ve always been talking about those good looking agents who are never afraid of anything, behaving so charming and self-confident and driving those awesome cars. With Green Screen Photography the most crazy dreams can come true!!!

Now, it’s up to you! Pick your movie or theme and become part of it! It’s so much fun!

Call me now to make an appointment @ 204-636-7787!