Quantum Healing? REIKI HAS IT ALL!

Reiki Master Workshop

Reiki Master Workshop

Oh, if only you would know how INCOMPLETE your teachings are, all you modern Quantum Healers and Authors!

Standing there on the stage in front of “threehundredsomething”people, talking about pink dolphins and making fun of ancient energy healing methods….

Can’t you see? People are coming to you desperately, sick and depressed… looking for healing and you contra-indicate yourself all the time. First you say “Nobody can heal you but yourself”; in the next second you say “while you’re sitting here with me you’re already attuned to the new frequencies I discovered and miracles can happen. Oh, you got stuck with the elevator in your hotel? See, those are the new frequencies!” I beg you pardon, are you serious? Then you continue “you don’t need hand positions anymore like for example taught in Reiki” and in the next minute “now we will be learning the new hand positions on how to play with the frequencies and nobody of you dare to do something like Reiki etc.” Hey, audience, can’t you hear and see what’s happening. Those guys make fun out of you! But they continue “Forget about Reiki, Yoga or Qigong and all the other energy healing methods! When you want to be a practitioner with my theory you’re not allowed to practice anything else anymore.” One minute later “There’s a yoga session (with the name of the New Quantum Healing Brand) tomorrow morning. It’s only that much Dollars. I hope, you all join!” One month after they sent you the certificate by email – to save their ink because after doing a seminar with more than 300 people for 600 Dollars per person the gesture of handing out something in print would cost them the new Armani leather jacket – they tell you that they discovered they had missed to teach you something and you can’t be practitioner anymore until you took a new seminar for…. Dollars! Honestly, what you are doing to the people is outrageous!

For me, Reiki is the one and only HOLISTIC Energy Healing Philosophy!

It is quantum by nature! When you let the energy move through you in a deep meditative state you are automatically in the right Universal Frequencies and when you are moving your hands in the energy field looking for reference points you’re automatically doing the famous two point technique! This part is so easy!

It has an ancient tradition! Like the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Qigong, TaiChi, Yoga etc. energy healing is thousands of years old and even mentioned in the bible.

It includes the Growing and Healing Process of the Reiki Student which is left out at all the mass seminars that are held all over the world!

It has the three Levels of:
  • Learning, Growing and Healing yourself
  • Learning, Growing and Healing others
  • Learning, Growing, Healing and Teaching yourself (Awareness, Inner Wisdom, Daily Self-Care etc.) and others

It includes taking responsibility for yourself and others

It includes learning non-judgement, non-expectation, non-assumption

It includes learning how to live unconditional love, kindness, gratefulness and forgiveness

It includes learning how to live a balanced, fulfilled, content Life

As far as I know, there are no other teachings embracing life principles (Dr. Usui) that help you growing and healing

I just had the honor to attune two students to the Master/Instructor level and right now I’m teaching Level I in a one-on-one workshop. I feel great gratitude for this gift I’m able to share with you!

If you like to get more info about Reiki or if you like to learn it, please contact me!


CINDY – A metaphor for RE-CONNECTING with your INNER CHILD

Sometimes life gives you a broad hint about what you have to do next or what you have to focus on in your next Post or Workshop.

At the moment I’m meeting a lot of very unhappy people… People who don’t like themselves, who feel lonely and unloved all the time; people who try to distract themselves all the time and are addicted to video games, Facebook or TV; people who try to take care and give advice to others but are completely split off themselves and neither show responsibility for their own life nor even want to think about their own situation.

Wouldn’t it be worth to work on yourself and make a little personal change in your life even if it’s painful, as you have to deal with the past, to be rewarded with happiness, success, love, peacefulness, centeredness, contentment, abundance of possibilities….etc.?”

So this metaphor is especially for those of you who love their animal more than themselves and how this beautiful part of creation can help you heal your Inner Child.

Her name is “Cindy”. My husband gave her another name and called her “f… broken fuel pump” because we met her when our car broke down in Portage La Prairie.

She is a three-coloured cat, absolutely beautiful and unique – like ME and YOU.

Suddenly she was sitting on the line in the middle of the highway. I heard cars coming, jumped out of our truck and ran to her as fast as I could. Usually cats then run away when you approach them that fast and this was my first idea to get her away from the dangerous road. But she stayed and looked at me. I grabbed her, run back to the truck and held her on my lap and took a closer look at her.

She was dirty, her fur was lustreless and full of fleas, her ears black inside because of all the mites – just like a neglected Inner Child.

She didn’t purr. It seemed that she surrendered her life to me because she didn’t want to suffer anymore – just like an Inner Child longing to be healed so badly.

We waited for the towing truck, took her home and took her to the Vet next day. There she was not calm anymore; she behaved like a tiger in the jungle and didn’t want to be touched by others because of the fear of being hurt again – just like the injured Inner Child.

That’s a while ago now and Cindy has become a personality; she knows what she wants, she’s proud, she’s independent, she takes responsibility for herself, she reaches out for love and help when she needs it, she expresses her moods and she doesn’t care at all what other humans or cats may think about her, she’s authentic, she’s trusting, she enjoys life with all the dangers and adventures, she makes experiences and learns from them, she likes company and then she loves to be alone again – just like a healed and loved Inner Child – just like ME! What about YOU?

She has just climbed on my chest while I’m writing this post. She’s purring, very loud! We’re exchanging our love through our hearts, I touch her fur and she looks at me. Love is pouring out of her eyes…

Memories come up… about my childhood…. I remember how I always wanted to have a cat when I was a little girl. I remember that I could pet cats forever and forget the time about it. I remember how I was hiding a cat in my bedroom and spoiling her with cream and how my mom found out, throwing the cat out of the door and slapping my face. I remember how I couldn’t understand and cried for hours, longing for this unconditional love of a cat, longing for touching this soft fur and listen to the calming sound of purring…

I can see myself lying on the bed and crying and I can feel this pain again and I’m getting sad… My eyes fill with tears and I take my little Inner Child in my arms and say: “Don’t be sad anymore. I love you and I take care of you. Can you see Cindy? She’s our cat! Nobody can take her away from us. Let’s spoil her with our love and let us be spoiled by her love! Isn’t life wonderful?”

And my Inner Child is smiling, snuggling to my chest and buries her little finger in Cindy’s fur. Cindy is even purring louder… Now she’s getting the four-handed petting love…


Unconditional Love

Photography and Inner Child Work – one job leads to the other….

That's ME with about six in a cute little red cape that my mom made for me

I’m a passionate photographer and I can see the unique beauty of each person in his/her face.

I agree with John O’Donohue who says “The human face carries mystery and is the exposure point of the mystery of the individual life. It is where the private, inner world of a person protrudes into the anonymous world. While the rest of the body is covered, the face is naked. The vulnerability of this nakedness issues a profound invitation for understanding and passion. The human face is a meeting place of two unknowns: the infinity of the outer world and the unchartered, inner world to which each individual alone has access. This is the night world that lies behind the brightness of the visage.  The smile on a face is a surprise or illumination. when the smile crosses the face, it is as if the inner night of this hidden world brightens suddenly…..”

And the picture shows this mystery, beauty, brightness….. it shows the vulnerability… it shows a glimpse of a person’s own secret holy world. I prefer doing portraits to groups. Painting artists admit that it is exceptionally difficult to render the human face, especially the eyes and the mouth. A photo can show the truth in a glimpse of releasing the shutter of the camera. Whatever is shown on the picture cannot be made undone anymore…. We can read about cultures who wouldn’t let a photographer take a picture because they feel that they would lose a part of their soul. The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul. Many people try to avoid eye contact because they were hurt in the past – many people don’t like photos because they don’t want to look at themselves because they don’t like themselves.

That’s where Inner Child Work starts…..

“I don’t like myself on photos.” my friend said. “You don’t like yourself?” I reflected. “Oh, yes I do, but with photos it’s different…” she answered. “Why can’t you be alone? Do you like your own company?” I asked again. “Hmmmm, I know where you’re going now. You think, as I don’t want to be with myself and I don’t like to look at the photos in reality I’m not liking myself.” she concluded. “What’s going on inside of you, emotionally, when you look at a photo from your childhood?” I’m asking her. “I can’t do this. I’m getting sad and start crying. Then I hide it.” she answered. “What would happen if you would let yourself cry as long as you can and then look at the picture again? Do you want to try this for a homework and tell me next time what you found out? Even if it’s the most difficult thing to do, even if you would have to experience some emotional pain and suffering in your heart?” I asked her to write down what she was experiencing. “I saw a sad child, who was beaten a lot, punished, not loved at all. I experienced again how it felt to do every afford to be loved even if it meant to disown oneself…” I put a chair in front of her. “Can you see this sad little girl, sitting in this chair?” I asked “What is she wearing? How’s she sitting there? Can her little feet touch the ground? Is she holding on to the chair? Does she look at you, through you or turning away her head? Does she cry, look sad, try to smile at you? Can you sense something special like a special smell, taste? Are you feeling cold, warm? Is it getting darker or brighter around the both of you? What do you want to tell your Inner Child” My friend is in a kind of trance. She answers to my questions and then she starts to speak while she is shaking and crying; while I am starting to tap EFT to take away some of the stress. “I’m so sorry that you had to suffer so much …. and in addition to all that pain I left you alone …. I didn’t take responsibility for you … I wanted to run away from you …. I’m so sorry …. so sorry….” I’m putting my hands on her shoulders. “Can you feel your Inner Divine Guardian and Power? Can you take the little girl on your lap and hug her and stay with her like this for a moment? …. Tell me what you feel?” My friend is laughing and crying “I feel so peaceful once of a sudden and soooo fullllll of LOVE. I’ve never ever felt like that before… everything seems to be so right and good and true…” We both take a deep breath. “Can you feel how your love melts your hearts together? What would you like to give her as a gift? What is she giving to you?” My friend smiles “I gave her a daisy. She always love them and I still do. She gave me a butterfly to free myself from the burden I was carrying with me for such a long time. Thank you Monika, that was awesome. That was worth it all….” On our next shopping trip I took some photos. When she looked at them, she said: “Wow, I guess I didn’t know that I look that good. Shouldn’t be that hard to find a good man…” and we both laughed and laughed…..

When I started my spiritual journey my Reiki Master did a lot of Inner Child Work. Later on my instructor for Kinesiology, Systems Constellation, NLP and Trance Therapy did a lot of Guided Imagery and Trances with our group on healing our Inner Child and our relationship to our parents. And I agree with my friend it’s definitely worth it! It brings Happiness, Fulfillment, Contentment and Joy to Life!