Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 2

0EagleDoveA life-cycle counselling session with energy healing. The topic is not unusual. It’s about worries and doubts – emotions all human beings have, even if their self-confidence is very good. There are little arrows in the disguise of words that hit us deeper than usual, especially when we’re unprepared and unprotected at certain days when we get up in the morning feeling already that we don’t have access to our full energetic potential.

Those are the days we have to learn how to get balanced and into a happy mood and not dwell on the negative event for too long of a time. We have to learn that people talking to us like that have problems with themselves and that we should not allow their moods to affect us too badly.

We also were talking about what it means to do our best every day, about forgiving ourselves for too much criticism  and about not being able to control everything in life but having to learn how to let go from time to time in order for the Universe to help us.

My client was a very religious person and so we also talked about God and Faith. Being very open and honest I told her that I left the Roman Catholic Church as soon as I had reached legal age. I said that I have absolute faith into a higher power to guide us, that I can find it in nature but also believe that it is the Divine inside of us. I told her I couldn’t discuss the bible because I’ve never read it, but for me there would not be a “punishing God” like I was raised with as a child, having to confess my sins as a six year-old in order not to get into hell but a loving Creator who wants all of us to live happy lives.

Then we did the Reiki treatment and I saw a big white bird soaring in front of the sun shining in a wonderful blue summer sky. When it came closer I had to discover that it was a dove with the head and the talons of an eagle. It said to me that spirituality is more than sitting on a mat and meditating. It’s about acknowledging the opposites, polarities or yin and yang in life. Spirituality means living fully, passionately, never stop learning, real listening , communicating honestly, acting lovingly and fighting peacefully for making an everlasting difference for the people around us. It asked me: “Would men be able to see the light without shadow, to know when it’s day when there would not be a night, to be real empathetic without being hurt?”

When I told my client about this encounter she smiled and said it was part of a sermon not long ago…..

Looking after this symbol in the internet revealed the following:


I believe the Lord is revealing to us that there is a new move of the Holy Spirit about to hit the United States of America, entering in through the East gate (Ezekiel 43:1-2). The white Eagle-Dove was gentle, yet with fire in His eyes, He was also powerful. The Dove representing the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Holiness is a bird of promise and represents a powerful truth (Acts 2:39).

Together, the Eagle and the Dove represent the gentle, yet powerful influence and authority of complete purity or the Spirit of Holiness. As extraordinary as the white Eagle-Dove is, so is this move of the Holy Spirit, incomparable and without equal to any other we have seen or heard before.

The shift in the wind indicated the move is swift, quick, powerful, influential, authoritative, and coming in the breath from the inspiration of God (Ezekiel 37). The Eagle-Dove is the Spirit of the Lord. It is God’s voice upon the waters (Revelation 1:15). For it is He who commands and raises up the stormy wind, which lifts up the waves of the sea (Psalm 107:25).

Joshua Apostolic Prophetic Network


Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 1

MuschelnA man who was grieving the loss of his wife found his way to my healing center. The first sessions we just did some grief counselling. He learnt that a man is allowed to cry and that there is no wrong or right to go through the grieving process. He was glad to get to know that there’s no time limit and that he’s allowed to feel all the different emotions from deep sadness to outrageous anger. He found out that he still could be close to his beloved wife and take little steps to transfer the earthly experience with her into heartily and spiritual memories that would be everlasting.

Then we started with the energy healing treatments and what I call Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki and he more and more found his inner peace.

One day he came to me and told me that he had a wonderful dream but when he started to speak about it tears were running over his face and his voice choked. I said to him that we should do the treatment first and then it would be easier to speak about his dream and he agreed.

During the treatment I had a vision and saw him and his wife taking a walk at the beach. They held each others’ hands and talked and laughed and then they stopped for a long kiss. There was a fisher’s cabin and a rowing boat leaning in the white sand. They both went into the cabin and laid down in silence just to hear each others’ heart beat and to enjoy the moments of two souls becoming one…..

After the treatment I told my client about this vision and he got tears in his eyes when he said with a peaceful smile: “That was my dream!”

“What’s the best energy healing method for ME???” I’m asked all the time…

I’m often asked “What energy healing method would be the best for me to learn?” and I’m going back in my mind to how everything started in my life.

It was end of February 1997 when I got a call in the middle of the night. Half asleep I remember the doctor of a hospital telling me that my father had an accident… a severe accident. Within seconds I was awake and knew that something terrible had happened and that I will be experiencing the first loss of a loved one in my life. The doctor told me I should come asap and hang up. I found myself screaming “No, no, no, not my dad!” It was a 90 minute drive from where I lived and I was crying all the way to my birth town. I found my dad lying in one of those cold hospital rooms with all those machines around him and a tube going into his nose. “He’s in a coma,” I was told “and he better don’t wake up again because he would be disabled and would have to learn how to eat and how to speak if he would be able to do it… His skull is broken due to a fall down the stairs hitting a stove and his brain is severly damaged.” I couldn’t listen, I was overwhelmed by sadness and pain. I couldn’t imagine living without him and I didn’t want to live myself anymore in that moment.

After his death I was told by many people to get back to normal life again because I wouldn’t be the only one who loses a parent. I tried hard to do so. Short before his death I had started to learn an instrument but after a while didn’t have too much fun with it anymore because all that note reading and counting tacts was too mathematical for me. Nevertheless I thought it would be of some distraction and went there again. My teacher was a very wise man, always grounded and calm. He welcomed me with all his warmth and immediately noticed that there’s something wrong. I told him what had happened and he said “Have you ever heard about Reiki?” and explained it in short sentences. I thought whatever it is, I want to try it. Werner turned on some relaxing music that sounded kind of Asian and let me close my eyes. It felt as if he would take my head in his hands and something strange warm and calming coming out of them. Suddenly everything around me disappeared and a movie full of emotions, thoughts, people and events run in a fast speed through my mind. Pictures I couldn’t determine appeared and disappeared and suddenly there was nothing – simply nothing. I felt empty and unbelievable calm. After a while the music came to an end and I opened my eyes. “How are you?” Werner asked me and I told him that it felt so loving, safe and calming when he held my head in his hands. “I’ve never touched you,” he said and I looked at him in disbelief. One week later I began learning Reiki Level I.

What I like about Reiki is that it’s not just a technique; this was the beginning of life changing teachings about being in the present, how thoughts are influencing emotions, how emotions are influencing behaviour and finally how to live a balanced joyful life and find your purpose.

On this continent Reiki often is a weekend course – in my country it is an apprenticeship about personal growth and learning. Werner was my master for all Reiki levels and I’m still in contact with him.

So, I’m saying “I can’t tell you what’s the best way for you to start your spiritual healing journey but for me Reiki was the right way, at that period of time to do my first energy healing steps towards the point where I am now.

And this point is not the end. I’m continuosly learning about new ideas in the field of quantum and matrix and whenever I like something I’m integrating it into my work in MY WAY.


EFT for Children

Watch my little EFT story:

Children are so open for energy work and there are really fast results with EFT for acute situations. Try it on everything and enter the palace of endless possibilities!

Come with your children to learn this wonderful technique. I will be glad to teach you and we’ll have a lot of fun doing it. Try

There are two great quotes I love very much because they’re so true:

We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

I am often accused of being childish.  I prefer to interpret that as child-like. 
I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things.  I tend to exaggerate and
fantasize and embellish.  I still listen to instinctual urges.  I play with
leaves.  I skip down the street and run against the wind.  I never water my
garden without soaking myself.  It has been after such times of joy that I have
achieved my greatest creativity and produced my best work. ~Leo F. Buscaglia

EFT makes happy! There is nothing in this world sweeter than the sound of children's laughter!

How to protect yourself from energy vampires

Energy Healing Centre - Double "M" Ranch, Erickson, Manitoba

What are energy vampires?

  • PEOPLE who have negative (f.e. jealous) thoughts or emotions (f.e. envy) about you, not playing with open cards but using criticism behind your back.
  • SITUATIONS like socials or parties in which you don’t feel welcome or misplaced.
  • PLACES like restaurants, shopping malls or campgrounds.
  • ENVIRONMENT like polluted cities with high buildings that have thick walls and air-conditioning running all day long and tarred streets to prevent the energy exchange with nature.

 What are the signs of being their victim?

A chronic tiredness (fatigue) and a feeling of being drained out and not knowing how to get back strength anymore.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Well, you can easily avoid SITUATIONS by not going to the certain event. You can reduce energy robbery at places by planning to go there less often (make a shopping list and buy your stuff once every two weeks instead of going to the grocery store every second day).

PLACES: Camping may be a good thing for a weekend, but why are so many people coming back from Arizona or Texas in spring after 3 months sunshine and tell me that they don’t feel refreshed and healthy at all. When I ask them what they did, they tell me they were on the campground all the time (surrounded by other campers and people), they watched TV (electronic energy sucker) or played games with their neighbours (never alone) or drank a lot (energy sucker alcohol). Well, how about turning the TV off and going for a walk ALONE; how about reading a good book instead of drinking; how about a good conversation with your neighbours (about a certain topic) instead of playing games.

ENVIRONMENT: Now we get to the polluted cities. If you can’t escape the city for untill weekend you have to create a healthy environment at home. Read about Feng Shui or trust your intuition on colours to be used in your home for walls, furniture and decoration. Buy an indoor fountain and do an “energy flow meditation” every day when you come home from work. Have a plant in every room to clean the air. Smudge your rooms from negative energy as often as possible. Install your own ritual of quieting your mind and stick to it (guided relaxation, meditation, dance, yoga etc.)

To avoid energy sucking PEOPLE you would have to become a recluse and that’s not healthy either. But there are rituals to protect yourself, especially when you’re standing in a queue and feel the breath of the person (STRANGERS) behind you in your neck by drawing the Tibetan eight between the both of you or by stepping into the golden egg and imaging that the other person’s negative energy reflect back to him/her and that you’re safe and protected. I like using my Reiki Master Symbol and the Pentagram. If the energy suckers are so-called “FRIENDS” you sometimes have to get rid off them because then they’re more inconvenient acquaintances than real friends at all and it’s your right to be surrounded by positive and loving people. Not so easy, I know. If the energy vampires are in your FAMILY you have to find ways to say “NO” to expectations you can’t fulfill without feeling guilty. You have to learn that your most important obligation and responsibility is the one to care for yourself. If you’re drained out and not healthy how should you care for others. Often in counselling sessions it turns out that people have the unhealthy belief that they have to sacrifice to others, especially to their parents. But it is just a belief. Bert Hellinger (Systemic Constellation Therapy) says that parents give and children take and that children are in no way obliged to sacrifice themselves and get sick. I had a client in Germany who neglected her own child because of caring for her mother day and night. Suddenly she became very sick and was in hospital for a long time. During this time her mother recovered and suddenly did things she had said she wouldn’t have been capable all the time. She even got to know her grandchild and took care of her till her daughter was released from hospital. The whole situation changed and they have a healthy and happy relationship now. If your CO-WORKERS are energy vampires the danger of being drained exists for a certain time of the day. Protect yourself with a mother of pearl shell; imagine you’re safe like a pearl. After getting out of the office do a cleansing meditation in your mind or close your eyes and go through the 12 DNA colours (that can also be done in the bus, taxi, train etc. – not in the car of course). After coming home take a bath with Himalayan Salt or a shower with a salt rub to wash off those negative energies. When I’m getting out of work I’m going for a walk, connecting with nature, breathing in the healing energy of the universe through my crown chakra, sending it through my body and breathing out the negative energy into the earth through my foot chakras where it is converted into good energy again and released into the universe (endless cycle).

If you like to have further information about protecting yourself or learn techniques like the 12 colours of DNA healing, give me a call @ 204-636-7787. The Energy Healing Centre is open 7 days a week from 2pm to 9pm. For directions click on “Contact us”.

Cancer – Spiritual Health and Energy Healing

Did you know that 95% of all cancers appear and disappear on their own, and that treating them actually prevents them from being cured? The prominent cancer researcher and professor at the University of California, Dr. Hardin Jones, admitted:
“Patients are as well, or better off, untreated … My studies have proven conclusively that cancer patients who refuse chemotherapy and radiation actually live up to four times longer than treated cases, including untreated breast cancer cases.”

But Dr. Hardin Jones doesn’t tell us how clients who refuse cancer treatment can heal their illness.

Andreas Moritz is the author of the book “Cancer is not a disease”. I share his view of the role cancer is playing in people’s lives. In his book he tells us:

“Cancer is but one of the many ways the body tries to change the way you see and treat yourself, including your body. This inevitably brings up the subject of spiritual health, which plays at least as important a role in cancer as physical and emotional
reasons do. Cancer appears to be a highly confusing and unpredictable disorder. It seems to strike the very happy and the very sad, the rich and the poor, the smokers and the non-smokers, the very healthy and the not so healthy. People from all backgrounds and occupations can have cancer. However, if you dare look behind the mask of its physical symptoms, such as the type, appearance, and behavior of cancer cells, you will find that cancer is not as coincidental or unpredictable as it seems to be.

What makes 50% of the American population so prone to developing cancer, when the other half has no risk at all?

After having seen hundreds of cancer patients over a period of two decades, I began to recognize a certain pattern of thinking, believing and feeling that was common to most of them. To be more specific, I have yet to meet a cancer patient who does not feel burdened by some poor self-image, unresolved conflict and worries, or past emotional trauma that still lingers in his subconscious. Cancer, the physical dis-ease, cannot occur unless there is a strong undercurrent of emotional uneasiness and deep-seated frustration.

Cancer patients typically suffer from lack of self-respect or worthiness, and often have what I call a ‘unfinished business’ in their life. Cancer can actually be a way of revealing the source of such inner conflict. Furthermore, cancer can help them come to terms with such a conflict, and even heal it altogether. The way to take out weeds is to pull them out along with their roots. This is how we must
treat cancer; otherwise, it may recur eventually. To treat cancer successfully requires the patient to become whole again on all levels of his body, mind and spirit. Once the cancer causes have been properly identified, it will become apparent what needs to be done to achieve complete recovery.”

The following statement, which runs like a red thread through the entire book, is very important in the consideration of cancer: “Cancer does not cause a person to be sick; it is the sickness of the person that causes the cancer.”

“….. I couldn’t handle my life situation anymore” my client starts telling me before the first Energy Healing Session “everything became overwhelming: my old mother was already suffering for so long, but it became worse… nobody in the family would care for her… it was just ME… working, driving the long way to her house every day… I loved my house. Everything there I had renovated myself with my hands. This was my home. I had to sell it to move closer to her… Finally I THOUGHT: ONE OF US HAS TO GO! This was the time when I developed cancer.”

We create our world and our life with our magical mind. If we’re feeling down and burdened we develop negative thoughts and we get sick.

“Since I was at your workshop” my client continues “I know what you mean by creating your own illness….. but I guess I didn’t know a different way to escape this hopeless situation… Perhaps I should have come earlier… Well, finally my mother died and I started chemotherapy…. now I feel I can heal again… I just don’t know how to handle the “after-effects” of each chemo and thought Reiki could help… can it?”

Of course Energy Healing can help with the side effects of any medical therapy. If doctors would believe into alternative methods as well they would recommend them to complement their treatment. Chemo weakens the immune system, Energy Healing strengthens it again. Energy Healing is not only about the universal energy – An Energy Healer opens his heart and also gives loving energy to the client. Especially with cancer client I ask if they like to be touched. The Healing Touch technique where the energy of the body parts is connected from the feet to the hips, from root chakra to crown chakra and hands to shoulders is a unique way to give loving energy. Especially when holding the hands I can feel the deep relaxation of the client. In addition to the Healing Touch I work with the colours and symbols of Quantum Touch and the Usui Reiki symbols.

“Wow, I’m feeling much better already” my client tells me after the treatment “I must have fallen asleep….. So now you said I should go home and have some rest?”

Yes, I always say, read a book, go for a walk… Try not to watch TV or work on a computer… Simply BE with yourself and relax.

“I slept like a baby…” my client says in our next meeting two weeks later “… almost two days I slept… I didn’t suffer that much from chemo anymore…. I mean it’s still stressing my body, but I feel I can recover much faster from it….”

I’m so happy to hear this. There’s nothing more rewarding for an Energy Healer than the well-being of the client. With every treatment it’s easier for the client to relax deeply. Now it just takes a minute for my client to breathe deeply and finally fall asleep during the treatment.

On our last visit my client tells me the doctor’s good news. My client is cancer-free. We celebrate with a nice cup of tea and a good conversation about the exciting gift of “starting a new life”.

“The doctors said it will take up to two years to get rid off the Chemo” my client says with a sad tone in his voice. “Don’t worry” I tell him “The Energy Healing Treatments will help your body to develop the power to get rid off that stuff earlier.”

We’re smiling at each other and say good-bye with a warm hug. My client gets into his car, lowering the window, shouting cheerfully “See you in two weeks” and waving. I’m waving back till his car disappears with some tears of happiness in my eyes.

This is the colour of healing...