The meaning of winter in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Winter wants you to find your inner peace and balance…. Slow down, relax, restore and heal!

Winter in TCM is associated with the kidneys and the bladder (water element). The kidneys are associated with the emotion of fear; fear, either as a sudden fright or a chronic state of anxiety or depression (winter depression) will weaken the Kidneys. The Kidney opens to the ear. When the Kidneys are weak, hearing may be impaired or there may be tinnitus.

Winter is on the Yin side and stands for in-activeness. When it’s very cold we can’t move that fast any more; our bodily fluids seem to act  like the oil of an engine becoming very thick and needing its time to warm up. The Kidneys generate heat and energy for the proper functioning of all the organs in the body.

When we live in harmony with nature there will be a natural urge to slow down, rest, relax, restore and revitalize during the cold and dark winter months.

Winter represents a time or reflection. We’re reviewing the cycle of the year. In spring we made our plans, in early summer we worked actively to realize them, in late summer we should have reached our goals, in fall we harvested the results….. Now we have time to see where we have to make adjustments to our new plans…. Adjustments in expectations, changes in our own thought or behaviour patterns. If the Kidneys are strong, we will be able to set goals and pursue them with persistence.

Spiritually, the kidneys control important aspects of both the ­inner and outer consciousness of a person which we should always keep in balance through exercise like Qigong.

During the winter we have to nourish our kidney energy. Chinese medicine believes that the source of our whole genetic make-up (inherited life force energy) is in our kidneys,  providing the human body with the vital substance of its being at birth. This Essence is acquired from parents, determines a person’s constitutional strength and vitality, and is supported through life with proper nutrition and lifestyle.

Interestingly all the areas governed by the Kidney system are fundamentally affected by the ageing process: reduced energy, declining hormone levels, impaired brain function, bone weakness, hearing loss, loose teeth, weakened immunity, incontinence, tissue dryness and diminishing will

 So, how can we improve our kidney function naturally?

The easiest way is called QI GONG!  Qi Gong is the practice of aligning the breath, body, and mind as one. Through this, a deeper connection to yourself and life is established and greater awareness and peace is achieved. And thus it can help improve physical, mental, and emotional health, and awaken to one’s spiritual true nature. Qi Gong has a number of exercises that strengthen, nourish, and draw energy to the kidneys.

Here’s a very simple Qi Gong exercise you can do on your own at home: put your hands on your back at the base of your rib case (kidney areas), your fingers are pointing toward the Gate of Life Acupuncture Point on your spine. Inhale and slightly tilt your pelvis and bend your knees, feeling the gate opening with the curve of your vertebraes;  exhale and come up again. Repeat 7 times, imagine how white light is flowing through the opened the Gate of Life, sends its tonifying energy into your kidneys – put your hands on your lower Dantien (energy center below the navel) and take some deep breaths – repeat until you have accomplished 21 repetitions. Finish with deep breathing and gratefulness (prayer position) for your energy-charged kidneys and the wonderful work they’re doing for you.

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Namaste Everybody!

(The definition of Namaste (pronounced na, ma, stay) is both a physical gesture and a spoken spiritual salutation which means “The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you.”)




Who is this “Inner Child”?

“Congratulation!” WordPress just said to me “This is your 95th post.” and beside this statement I saw the following sentence:

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.  Tennessee Williams

Again and again, I am asked by people how long I would need to decide what I am going to publish in my blog, how I would evaluate what people want to read and how I would know if people would like me when they read what I am writing. I must have looked a bit confused at times because then people ask me if I understood what they were asking  and they try to slow down and pronounce the words more clearly… Sometimes I have to laugh after I had paused and looked at them this way. I’m saying “I’m sorry, it’s not the English I didn’t understand it’s the whole question… It’s your bothering about so many things that made me think a while. I’m sorry I didn’t answer at once. Honestly, I’m writing whenever I feel like writing. There’s not really a decision-making. I’m more the intuitive person… I’m never consciously thinking about what people want to read because when they’re not interested in what I’m writing they can change the page within seconds by mouse-click anyway and finally… I have no idea if I am liked by people who read what I’m writing except they make a nice comment. I hope that I can make people thinking about certain things but other than that I’m just sharing my thoughts without any hidden motives.”

And this exactly leads us to the Inner Child!

Who is it?

A little child inside you? You as a little child? An energy field that has saved all the experiences you’ve made between your birth and now? Your higher Self? A part of your soul that has been split off in a traumatic event? A suppressed emotion that changed your SELF? Your very own belief system?

Yes, pretty much all of this!

As soon as you’re trying to be loved by other people and this “trying” becomes so hard that you feel/think you are forced to play a role and neglect your real authenticity you’re neglecting what psychology calls the Inner Child.

Of course everybody is happy when (s)he’s liked by others and when I’m told that my posts are good it makes me smile. But on the other hand I don’t get depressed when there’s no comment or somebody is criticising me.

I have a friend who’s almost every second with facebook and gets really angry when she’s posting things and doesn’t get likes. When she talks about her parents I can feel how she’s still suffering that she felt unloved as a child.

The wounded child also shows up in controlling behaviours. An acquaintance asked me for help because her husband told her when she’s not accompanying him in the truck all time he will get another heart attack. He’s very jealous and thinks when she’s at home alone she will mess around with other men. How nice is that? As she lives at some distance from me I sent her some articles about emotional abuse/blackmailing. She tried to talk about it with her husband and the result is that she’s not allowed to talk to me any more.  I’m very sad for this young woman but she has to know if for herself it’s worth facing the challenge and fight  for her freedom or if it’s more safe to stay in a situation she has been knowing well for so many years already, keep on suffering psychologically and in the end get sick physically.

When I’m thinking back to the weekend in my training when our group worked with the Inner Child, I remember endless pain and tears at first and then limitless freedom and peace in the end. It was a very unique and wonderful ME that came out of this workshop. I went outside and was talking to people without thinking any more what to say or how to behave. I simply WAS ME! I surprised myself in the beginning when I said “NO” and set boundaries as if I’ve always done it that way. I was not afraid any more to say “No, I have a different opinion”. Suddenly I was able to focus on goals and be persistent with following my way and reaching them. Suddenly I knew what I’m living for – with passion. I became more self-confident every day and I learned how to handle conflicts in a productive way. I started creating my life and stopped others from trying to interfere with my values.

It is really difficult to describe these wonderful feelings of freedom and peace inside of me. To be honest, I don’t think this magic can be described with words. It has to be experienced! But it’s definitely worth it!

Don’t be afraid! I’m here to help you on your journey from “Who am I?” to “WHO I AM!”! You will discover passionate self-acceptance, authenticity, connection and purpose. Even though the exercises are challenging, they will offer you the reward of clear experience of the power of your true essence. The beautiful group bond helps to support the wholeness of each individual as the story of each person and the group unfolds.

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