Cutting Cords to toxic relationship means Healing!

Cut the cords and break freeIn energy healing circles the sharing of energies referred to as “cording”. As soon as you start a relationship or meet a person in your life cording occurs. Babies are born with a cord attaching them to their mothers which is natural but there comes the time for a mother to cut this cord in order for her child to make her own experiences. If the mother resists, the child will eventually do it and that’s only appropriate. So, why is it so hard for us especially when we’re adults????

The world is full of unhealthy relationships and psychic vampires to suck up our energy. If we allow other people to take our healthy energy away we will become very sick, not only mentally but also physically in the end. Ending a relationship ranks high up in the toughest situations in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you were the person who finally had the courage to walk away or if someone else left you – a loss is felt either way!

In my past I have chosen to end a number of unhealthy relationships which I had found myseluf in and I know it’s hard to stay strong, but it’s worth to take action and break free.

Breakups in toxic relationships can be especially messy, when the other person can’t accept your “NO”! So it is very necessary for you to be firm and resilient when pulling the plug. Let go as fast as possible and move on! You’re only responsible for yourself! Don’t let others plant a seed of guilt inside of you! Stay strong and there will be freedom, peace and happiness!!! There are a lot of people with whom you can have a wonderful healthy and healing relationship, where giving and taking is balanced and where there’s no insult, intimadation, tactlessness, power-games or trying to change you….

There are friends and people who respect you for WHO YOU ARE and who are celebrating your successes with you instead of jealously putting their poison in every achievement you make.

Self-Defense is anything we think or do to increase our physical, mental and emotional safety. Self-Defense is thinking and acting assertively. Self-Defense is our birth right. It is our right to have safe, loving and intimate relationships with partners and friends, free of fear, intimidation, threats and abuse (Abuse can happen with WORDS and bad manners or tactlessness!!!). It is our responsibility to end unhealthy relationships if we can and to have the courage to seek help if we can’t do it on our own!